No Foolin’ Here

It’s April Fools Day! You know what isn’t a joke? That today was my first day back to work and Bella’s first day of daycare!

After eight days on the road, we’re learning our new normal with this momentous day.

Bella must have known it was a big day, because she had her longest stretch of sleep ever, going from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am. I had expected a 4 or 5 am wake up, so I set my alarm for 7 am to begin my pre-work preparations. Nope, baby girl had other plans. So at 6:30, I got out of bed, changed and fed her, and put her back in her crib while I started to get ready. Lance and I had prepped everything last night to make the morning easier, so my lunch and her bottles were all ready to go. We were out of the house by 7:50 and after a brief goodbye at daycare, I was in the office by 7:15.


Laptop, pump, bottle bag, wet bag, my lunch, diaper bag…oh yeah, and a baby

At noon, I went back to her daycare to feed her, which made a HUGE difference in the drama of leaving her in the morning. I think there is just a big mental difference between saying goodbye for less than four hours than for eight+ hours. It will be much harder when I have a meeting and cannot do those lunchtime trips.

Getting a huge smile when I picked her up made me feel a little better about things, and I loved that she was not crying either time I entered her room. Here is hoping that daycare continues to go well!



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