2 month stats

A little belated due to some rescheduling by her pediatrician’s office, but yesterday Bella had her two month doctor’s visit. After our early weight gain adventures, I’ve been excited/anxious to see how she would weigh in with this five week gap between visits. We were not disappointed as our baby girl hit 11 lbs 2 oz, measured 21.65 inches tall, and had a head circumference of 15.75 inches. By comparison, at her last visit five weeks prior, she weighed 9 lbs 7 oz, measured 20.5 inches tall, and had a head circumference of 15.2 inches. Her height has fallen from the 19th percentile to the 10th percentile (not a surprise given the size of her parents), her weight has fallen from the 53rd percentile to the 35th percentile (her doctor wasn’t concerned given her short stature), and her head remains pretty darn big, although it dropped from the 94th percentile to the 84th percentile.

our big girl!

our big girl!

The doctor thought that she looked great though, and her hip ultrasound came back normal, so no more worries on that front! The lactation consultant who was such a help to us early on, peeked in the room to say hi and see how big Bella has grown. Its amazing how much of an impact she made in helping us stay the course with breastfeeding. As she told me yesterday, “I always wish I could show new mom’s a crystal ball where they could see that everything would turn out OK.” And that couldn’t have been more true! It made me think back to mid January where I was emailing in tears saying that I couldn’t figure out how to get Bella to eat. And now, just a short while later, she has the cutest chubby thighs and weighs over 11 lbs.

The visit ended with an oral vaccine and three shots. I told the nurse that I couldn’t look (I have vasovagal reactions pretty easily and having mom pass out would probably not be the best idea), so I just held Bella’s arm as directed, grimaced as if I was the one getting the needles, and looked away. I knew she was done by the super loud and painful shriek. Ugh. I just about started crying myself! I was not expecting that to be so hard on me. Luckily, I picked her right up and she calmed down within five minutes. I was warned that she may be extra tired during the afternoon, extra fussy at night, and may run a fever, but I didn’t notice any of those effects.

little cutie pie!

little cutie pie!

Two more months until we go back and get the next round. Poor baby girl. At least her daddy will be able to go next time and hold her!



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