What’s In a Name?

We did not have the easiest time deciding on Bella’s name. Well, I should say we didn’t have the easiest time agreeing on Bella’s name.  In fact, we didn’t firmly decide on her middle name until about an hour after she was born!

I’d been insisting on the first name of Bella since we found out that I was pregnant. My late grandmother Bella is my hero. Growing up, she was the typical fun grandma. I loved listening to her stories (my favorite was a story from her childhood in Poland where she fell out of a buggy into a bunch of snow and no one knew she fell out because the snow was so deep), enjoyed all of her home-cooked meals (she may have been Polish, but her spaghetti and meatballs were the best!), and always looked forward to our trips to visit. But on top of that, my grandma Bella was a strong, brave woman who escaped from a Nazi concentration camp with her sister and lived in the woods before making her way to Germany and then America.

Sidenote: I was really upset when the Twilight films surged in popularity a few years back and all of a sudden the name Bella was everywhere! I had always thought I’d have a nice, unique name for my daughter. Oh well…we’ve actually met less Bella’s then I thought. 

3 (2)

It has been more than nine years since we lost my grandma Bella, but it makes me so excited to be able to pass her name on. I cannot wait until the end of March, when baby Bella gets to meet my grandfather Bill. Their love story – meeting in the woods after both escaping Nazi concentration camps – is something that has always inspired me, and I think as Bella grows older she will enjoy hearing stories about her namesake.

me and my grandma Bella, circa 1982!

me and my grandma Bella, circa 1982!

As for Bella’s middle name, Avery, the story is far less interesting. The reason Lance was hesitant to use Bella as a first name was because we were having so much trouble finding a middle name to “go” with it. As in, we probably tossed around several hundred middle names. I had a few I liked that Lance didn’t, and he had some that he liked that I downright loathed. So I think around 35 weeks we worked together to make a list of our 8 favorite middle names to go with Bella. We then separately ranked the 8 names. Three names came out at the top (Madelyn, Mackenzie, and Avery). We then decided that we’d wait until she was born to make a firm decision on the middle name.

Bella Avery it is

Bella Avery it is

When we got into the recovery room, the decision was made. Bella Avery was officially part of our family…and now I can’t picture it any other way!


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