Time is flying

If you are sensing a theme with these posts, I cannot believe Bella is already six weeks old. Had I not secured 12 weeks of maternity leave, I would have been going back to work today. That just seems crazy!

It is amazing to watch the changes and developments in Bella each day. She has recently started grasping with a purpose, rather than just grasping a finger that you stick in her hand. She’ll now grasp my shirt while nursing (so cute!) and as of today, may instead grasp my hair. She has also really discovered her hand, and will try and suck on her fist to soothe herself.

Yesterday, we tried to put her in her crib awake for the first time. She started screaming after about five minutes so we quickly aborted. She then laid on Lance until she fell asleep and we transferred her to her crib. Tonight, I figured I’d try again and this time it actually worked! She again started crying after about 10 minutes, but in the minute it took me to get into her room she had stopped and was back asleep. Then she cried again about 20 minutes later and again, by the time I got there she was back asleep. I’m watching her on the monitor as I type this and *knock on wood* it seems as if this time she is actually asleep.

We’ve also seen our first few smiles this week which have been amazing. They are always brief but it makes me feel good. I can’t wait until they become a more regular occurrence.


sleeping on mommy is a daily thing

Lance’s parents visited over the weekend which was really nice. They got to spend time with Bella and we celebrated Lance’s stepdad’s birthday Friday and Lance’s birthday on Saturday. The best part about the birthdays? Taking advantage of some of Durham’s best cuisine. We hit up Only Burger (the shop not the food truck) Friday evening with Bella in tow. Then Saturday we headed to Rise for their amazing donuts for brunch, and then Saturday evening, with the grandparents babysitting, Lance and I had our first date since Bella was born – an amazing dinner at Nana’s.

date night!

date night!

The other big happening this week was our switch to cloth diapers. We’re on day six and so far, so good. We’re lucky that she just happened to hit a good weight to start the cloth diapers right when we ran out of newborn disposables. I’ll definitely post more on how this is going after we’re a little further into it, but at least at the start it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought.


so cute in her Bum Genius 4.0s

Sorry that this post has been all over the place. I really thought I’d have more time for blogging during maternity leave but since Bella won’t nap anywhere outside of my arms during the day, it has been hard to get much of anything done!


I told you




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