5 weeks of Bella

On Monday morning Bella had her one month doctor’s appointment. Amazingly, that was our ninth visit to the pediatrician’s office – yet she hadn’t been in 13 days. We have certainly spent much of her first month at the clinic, which makes me happy that I chose an office three miles from home. Despite the hassle and stress associated with all of the weight check visits, the benefit is that our pediatrician really knows our family. She knows what my husband and I do for a living (amazing considering how many patients they have) and she is great about remembering everything about Bella. This is a huge improvement from my OB practice, where since they have seven doctors and you see all of them throughout your pregnancy, you’ll get a question like “have we met?” from the doctor that told you that you miscarried and performed your D&C. How about peeking at my chart and seeing your name on it before you walk in? But I digress.

Bella’s pediatrician is great. She is caring and sweet and she’ll ask three times in the course of an appointment if I have any more questions. Plus, this week she was able to see that in the course of the 13 days between her visits, Bella continued to gain over an ounce a day and tipped the scale at 9 lbs 7 oz! Amazing. She jumped all the way up to the 54th percentile in weight. She also grew an inch to 20.5″, which is the 25th percentile. Guess she is going to be short like her mommy and daddy. Her head maintained its 90+ percentile, which makes me somewhat thankful for the c-section.


our 9.5 lb baby!

The best part about her great growth? We are now exclusively feeding on demand! No more alarm clocks overnight. No more waking her at exactly 2.5 hours between feedings during the day. I can now just feed her when she wants.

I was excited to see what happened when we went to bed Monday night, but apparently a little too excited. I slept horribly! I kept wondering when she’d wake herself and slept very lightly. I ended up waking up at 5 a.m. after she’d slept for six hours straight. She wasn’t even crying – but I heard her stir and was alarmed that she hadn’t gotten up yet, so I just woke her and fed her. Then she went back to bed for another 2.5 hours and we started our day around 8. Yesterday she wokeup at 4 a.m., ate, and went back to bed until 8. I will definitely take this schedule!

During the day, we’ve been running lots of errands and going for walks. I had my postpartum visit yesterday and I’ve been cleared to resume exercising, so I’m looking forward to my first trip to the gym and seeing if I still remember how to run. I seriously haven’t run a step since May. It is going to be slow going for sure!

Tomorrow, Lance’s parents visit and then this weekend he and I will take advantage of having babysitters and take our first night out without Bella to celebrate his birthday. The weeks and days are continuing to fly by – but I’m trying not to think about my return to work and focusing on enjoying each and every day.


I have to leave this sweet face to go to work?!



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