Nursery Tour

I’ve revealed bits and pieces of Bella’s nursery here previously, including sharing some of the crafts completed during my bed rest, but I’ve yet to show the room in its entirety! She is obviously too young to notice her surroundings, but I’ve spent countless hours in the room nursing and I’m certainly happy with how it turned out.


The room is fairly small…I think around 10’x12′, but has enough room to fit everything we need right now.



I love her crib. We didn’t want anything big and bulky, so the Jenny Lind crib was the answer. It has a classic look and is sturdier than I thought it would be. Plus I love that I was able to add so much color with the crib skirt. We’ve also been able to store a ton underneath. The canvas above her crib was a print that I designed in photoshop and then ordered on the internet.



We added some basic Target storage cubes to the base of her closet for some added storage, and there is definitely enough room in there for all of her clothes. I’m not really sure what is going to happen once she starts accumulating toys, but we’ll figure something out.



The framed art work above the dresser adds some personal touches to the room. We’re big animal lovers here, so we liked the idea of incorporating our favorite animals into her space. The cow print is three pieces of scrapbook paper. I was able to cut some cow print paper into the shape of a cow to create the effect of a cow jumping over the moon. The heart art idea came from the blogosphere and was made by using a heart punch from Michael’s with some pink paint chips. And the horse print is from this Etsy shop. I’ve yet to come up with a dog to include, but I’ll figure something out eventually.



My favorite part of her nursery and the most fun bed rest craft was this button “B”. I ordered a pack of pink buttons on eBay, got out my hot glue gun, and went to town. I love the way it turned out, and think Bella’s great grandma Bella would be happy that there is a hint of her sewing background in the room.



I’ve previously shown these four Ikea spice rack bookshelves that we painted pink and installed on the wall. However, once Bella arrived she began to receive stuffed animals as presents and we realized that we had nowhere to put them. Enter Bella’s grandpa Steve, who came up with a way to build the perfect-sized shelf out of some unfinished lumber from Lowe’s. We had enough leftover pink paint to match it to the bookshelves, so now all of Bella’s stuffed furry friends have a place to hang out until she is old enough to have them in her crib!


Grandpa Steve also helped add a little bit of function to her dresser by installing a fifth Ikea spice rack on the side. With no room for a little side table next to my rocker, I was in need of somewhere to store a water bottle and a book and whatever else I needed by my side, so this turned out to be the perfect solution. The shelf was the exact size it needed to be and I had enough stain leftover so that you can’t even tell that the shelf isn’t an original part of the dresser.

I hope as Bella becomes more aware of her surroundings that she enjoys her nursery as much as I do!


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