Hallelujah! We’ve rocketed past birth weight!

Finally! It may have taken 20 days, but Bella has cleared her birth weight.

She last went to the pediatrician on Thursday, and with the long holiday weekend, it’d be another five days until she could be seen again. I was initially very nervous about this, as I don’t think she’d gone more than three days between weight checks since she has been out of the hospital. But, as I’d mentioned previously, a light switch seemed to go off in her last Thursday, and she suddenly became much more interested in eating. Thank goodness!

So what was the big number today? How about 8 pounds and 2 ounces. A whopping three ounces above her birth weight and a full 8 ounces since last Thursday! The crazy thing is she hasn’t even been nursing for that long at a time. Maybe 15 minutes or so. So I was expecting her to be close to her birth weight, but was definitely not expecting the jump that we saw.

our 8 pound baby girl!

our 8 pound baby girl!

happy girl!


some day she'll be as big as her buddy Ellie!

some day she’ll be as big as her buddy Ellie!

It’s amazing that one year ago today we were flying home from Paris, and today we are celebrating our 20-day old baby girl passing her birth weight. Things really can change in a year.


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