A look back at 2012

Hard to believe that another year has come and (almost) gone. 2012 began with much hope and excitement in our household. In the end, the year has been one giant roller coaster of peaks and valleys.

We began the year having just found out that we were pregnant 10 days prior. In January, we jetted off to Europe as Lance accompanied me on a work trip. We enjoyed our time in Innsbruck, Munich, and Paris and I lusted over all of the fine cheese and wine that I couldn’t eat.


A few weeks after we returned, on Valentine’s Day, we received the shocking news that our baby had stopped growing several weeks prior.

The next two months may have been the most brutal of my life. The sense of loss that I felt was nothing that I’d never experienced before, and it seemed like a never-ending wait for my hormone levels to return to normal.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel though. Two and a half months after our loss, we found out we were expecting again – just one day before our previously planned babymoon to St. John.

st john

While we were absolutely thrilled, we were also terrified. There were two big first trimester scares, where bleeding sent us back to the doctor, sure that we would be hearing that terrible news for a second time. Both times, however, we left with the reassurance that our baby’s heart was still beating.

Summer came, and with it, the much anticipated second trimester. Gradually, the fears subsided as I began to show. We hit major milestones with detailed ultrasounds at 12 and 18 weeks reassuring us that everything looked great. In August, we learned that we were having a girl, and I began dreaming up how to decorate the nursery and really envisioning a baby in our lives.


Fall began with so much happiness and joy. My pregnancy was going great. She continued to measure perfectly at every appointment and her kicks and wiggles were daily reminders that things were on track. In early October, after a week with a major work event and a four day battle with some sort of sickness, I left for a two night stay for a conference in Detroit. When I returned, I walked into the house and realized that I was contracting less than every five minutes. I had no idea how serious the situation was, but after a three night stay in the hospital we found out that I was in major danger of delivering early. My cervix had shortened to less than one centimeter when it should have been somewhere between three and four.

The prescription was strict bed rest, and for the next nine weeks, I was focused on nothing else but laying still and keeping this baby girl inside of me. On my 30th birthday, at 35 weeks and 1 day, I was released from bed rest. The doctors decided that she’d be fine if she came at that point, so they wanted to allow me time to build back up my strength before she arrived.

My mom and I at my bed rest baby shower

My mom and I at my bed rest baby shower

And now, here we are on December 31, 2012. The year has had some horrible lows, between all of the pregnancy scares, numerous cancer diagnoses of friends and family, and the sudden death of one of my close friends.

But with the lows, we’ve experienced some incredible highs. The friends and family that battled cancer found out that they were in remission. Lance began his new career after years and years of training. And with all of the stumbling blocks hopefully behind us, we will be meeting our baby girl in less than 48 hours.

So long 2012….thank you for teaching us to appreciate life just a little more.


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