38 weeks

Wow. If baby girl stays breech we will be meeting her one week from today! The last week flew by and I think I’m in disbelief as to just how close we are getting.

Size of Baby: Baby girl is over six and a half pounds (based on a normal 38 week gestational size…not any measurements we’ve actually had done) and the size of a pumpkin!

Weight: At my doctor’s appointment last week my weight was steady from the prior week. Hopefully it has remained steady or close to steady when I go in tomorrow.

Sleep: For the most part, I’m still sleeping great. I enjoyed sleeping in over the long weekend and plan to get as much rest as possible this coming weekend. I’m already anticipating a sleepless night next Tuesday and I’m debating whether I should cut my sleep short on New Year’s Eve to give me a better chance of sleeping the night before surgery.

Best Moment of the Week: Amazingly, returning to work was actually a highlight for me. It felt so nice to return to some normalcy even if it is going to be short-lived.

Movement: Baby girl is still doing plenty of wiggling in there. A few times I’ve noticed her head a little lower but not below my belly button. Every time I think she may be in the middle of flipping I’ll feel again a little while later and her head will be back up.

Symptoms: My back pain is slowly but surely improving. I’ve been doing my best to to keep up with my daily walking in hopes of continuing to gain strength and I think it is working!

Food Cravings/Aversions: No real cravings to report. Dinner at Chicken & Waffles was fantastic though. We should probably try and get one more dinner out this week…need to come up with somewhere good to go this weekend as a last “date” for the near future!

Belly Button: Soft and puffy but still stuck between in and out.

What I Miss: Being able to take pain relievers. I’ve had a really painful cyst that seems to be infected and the pain has been bordering on excruciating at times. Not being allowed to take anti-inflamatories or antibiotics to clear it up has made for a longer duration of the pain. I’ve been using warm compresses and I think they have finally caused it to drain on its own, so hopefully I’m on the road to recovery.

What I Am Looking Forward To: I am just so excited to meet our baby girl. I’m trying not to think about how scary a c-section is and I’m just ready for next Wednesday to be here!


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