Merry Christmas….and Single Digits!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and hoping that those of you with snow are enjoying the white stuff. Here? It’s almost 60 degrees and cloudy, although we’re still having a pretty good day! Lance’s parents have been in town since Saturday and we’ve been keeping moderately busy. Last night we took them to the midnight (well 11 pm) service at Duke Chapel, which was basically some beautiful instrumental and choir music and a few “lessons”. It was about an hour and a half and really enjoyable. There were 1500 people crammed into the chapel and amazingly, my OB that stopped my labor at 26 weeks and that is scheduled to perform my c-section was sitting right in front of us. I thought it was a sign that my water was going to break while there but baby girl didn’t do much besides kick and squirm away. The chapel was gorgeous but I didn’t get any chance to snap pictures as we hustled in to grab some of the last seats and then hustled out to get out of the parking garage before everyone else.

Last night Lance and I cooked baked ziti and baked a loaf of bread for dinner and then we all watched Elf before heading out to the late night festivities. This morning, our day started with Lance at the waffle maker and then opening presents. I never thought that we’d be celebrating this Christmas without baby girl, but I guess she decided it was in her best interest to bake a while longer.

Lance and Titan

Lance and Titan

37+ weeks pregnant at Christmas

37+ weeks pregnant at Christmas

With all of this holiday distraction, it is amazing to me that our meet baby girl countdown is in the single digits. If she stays in the breech position, we’ll be meeting her a week from tomorrow! I’ll be going to work for the next three days, then we’ll have a weekend home alone, then it’s New Year’s, and then we check into the hospital. I have a doctor’s appointment this Thursday to confirm her position, and then I’ll go in for bloodwork on Monday, and then next Wednesday at 9:30 am we’ll check in. It is both really exciting and really hard to grasp that there is a full-sized baby in my belly waiting for her opportunity to take her first breath.

Last night at the service, despite the fact that I am Jewish, I couldn’t help but take in the beauty of it all…the music, the architecture, the happy faces…and feel so thankful for the crazy ride of the past year. We’ve had our moments of heartache, but hopefully in a few short days it will have all been worth it.

my giant 37+ week pregnant belly

my giant 37+ week pregnant belly


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