37 weeks – i.e. FULL TERM!!!

11 weeks ago I never thought we had a shot at a full term baby. But here we are and Lance and I couldn’t be happier! I actually went back into the office today. Now that I’m  37 weeks there is no harm in putting in a little face time/tidying everything up to get ready for my maternity leave.

Size of Baby: Baby girl is over six pounds and is the size of a watermelon. Wow.

Weight: Well my weight held steady the past two weeks, so hopefully my growth spurt is over. I’m definitely feeling the pain of carrying around the added weight in my back and pelvis.

Sleep: I’ve slept much better lately. These next two weeks will go much faster if I can keep that up.

Best Moment of the Week: While I didn’t want to hear that baby girl was still breech at our last appointment, I have to admit that it was pretty exciting to schedule our c-section and her arrival date. We definitely know that it could change at a moment’s notice (either forwards if I go into labor or backwards if she flips), but it is still exciting to have that date out there.

Movement: I’m feeling a good amount of movement. In fact, today I have felt a lot of low kicks and jabs below my belly button. Higher up I just feel squirms. I’m getting a little bit better at picturing what is going on in there.

Symptoms: Happy to report that the reflux and shortness of breath have stayed away. I’ve noticed that I’m getting increasingly tired mid-day. The worst thing continues to be the back pain and the pain over my pelvic bone (it’s called SPD and with 1/4 pregnant women getting it, you had to figure I’d be on the losing side of that probability).

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’m still really hungry but haven’t been craving too much. We went on our first date night in months last Friday to our favorite sushi restaurant and that really hit the spot. This Friday we might try out a restaurant called Chicken & Waffles that we’ve heard really good things about. Now that I can be up and about we need to take advantage!

Belly Button: According to Lance, it looks/feels “funny”. But technically it is still an innie.

What I Miss: I think I can actually say “nothing” here this week. I’m content and just looking forward to the big day.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Those newborn cuddles. Two more weeks and she’ll be here!


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