20 days?!

Today was my 36 week doctor’s appointment. They did a cervical check since I was having some light cramping and I’m around 1 cm dilated….i.e. nothing much going on down there. She then felt with her hands and checked the heart beat and decided that baby is still breech, with her head still in the same exact place it has been this whole time.

At that point, we were given the option of the external cephalic version or just going ahead and scheduling the c-section. Lance and I have had several conversations about the ECV and decided that we do not want to risk the procedure. Since there is only around a 50/50 chance of it working, but a 15% chance of something happening where I’d need an immediate emergency c-section, plus a smaller risk of major fetal distress, we decided it just wasn’t worth it. I think we would have been more tempted if the success rate was closer to 90%, but 50/50 with the way this pregnancy has gone doesn’t seem all that great.

So we were then offered the chance to just go ahead and schedule the c-section sometime during the 39th week. Given all the back pain I’ve been in, and having the date available with our favorite doctor, made scheduling for January 2nd (right at 39 weeks) an easy decision. We’ll arrive at 9:30 am with the procedure scheduled to start at 11:30 am.

So if all stays the same, we’ll be meeting our baby girl 20 days from now, on 1/2/13! Pretty amazing that after all of this, we could be delivering at 39 weeks by the same doctor who admitted me for pre-term labor at 26 weeks.


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