Happy birthday to me!

Well, today I received half of the birthday present that I was hoping for at the doctor’s office. I am officially off of bed rest! I’m thrilled to be able to slowly work my way back into normal 8th month of pregnancy activity levels. I’ve been sitting up most of today and my back is killing me, but hopefully after a week or so of being upright again the pains will lessen. I am excited to go out to a birthday dinner tonight and to do some shopping this weekend. Let my return to society commence!

The bad news from the appointment is that baby girl is still in the same breech position that she was in at 31 weeks, with her head on my upper right side, her butt to the left of my pelvis, her back on my left, and her legs and arms up on my right side.

Before we received this news, the OB and resident decided to play a cruel joke on us. First, the resident felt with her hands and “thought” she was head down. I wasn’t getting excited about this because I’ve heard how difficult it is to determine and figured a resident would be guessing about as much as Lance would. Then, they pulled out the ultrasound machine to try and figure things out for sure. The resident started scanning around my pelvis, saw a circular shape ,and proclaimed that baby was indeed, head down. They continued to scan around and located the spine on the left until the OB was noticing something not add up. She took the probe from the resident and located the actual head on my upper right side. Ooops they said. Guess she isn’t head down. That was her abdomen in my pelvis. So much for our very brief period of excitement.

So where does that leave us? We were told to come back next week so that they can check again to see if she has flipped. The doctor said the fact that she is in the same breech position she has been in for at least four weeks isn’t a good sign that she will flip on her own, but I’m hoping now that I can do something about it maybe she’ll flip. If not, next week we will schedule a c-section for 39 weeks (first week of January). They offered that we could do an ECV at 37 weeks, but we are not really interested in the risks associated with a procedure that only has a 50/50 success rate.

I also had my Group B Strep testing today, a blood draw, and a cervical check. I’m fingertip dilated (less than 1 cm…means nothing at this point) and my cervix wasn’t noticeably short. So given all of this new information, my best guess is that I won’t be going into labor anytime soon and will likely be having a full-term 2013 baby. Of course, she has thrown me for quite a few loops during this pregnancy so who knows…maybe she’ll flip and put me into labor next week…I’ve given up pretending that I know how things are going to turn out.




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