A little (or big) bump update

It’s been a little while since I posted a bump pic, so here is my 34 week update.

34 weeks


I’m getting big! I’ve noticed a real increase in size in the past two weeks. Hopefully this means that baby girl is getting nice and plump in case she decides to come early! I’m still feeling ok, but I’ve been taking it pretty easy with the modified bed rest since my back starts to kill me after about five minutes on my feet. I really didn’t realize just how much strength I would lose, or that all of the pain would be in my back, but I guess that is what happens after eight weeks of bed rest. My plan is to just take it easy and spend a little bit of time sitting up and standing up every day to try and gain my strength back. At this point, even when I’m fully released from bed rest I’ll definitely be gradually getting back into things. Even so, I’m really excited for my appointment on Thursday and hoping that it brings good news!


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