Last Day

It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the past 54 days horizontal. In these 54 days, I left my house all of four times and was out of the house for less than 5 hours total. I’ve spent no less than 23.5 hours each day in a supine position – rising only for bathroom trips, showers, and to grab something from the fridge if I am home alone. But when I wake up tomorrow, my days of strict bed rest will be over.

Tomorrow marks 34 weeks and the start of my new, “modified” bed rest. There isn’t a super clear definition of what modified means, but our definition is basically going to be that I’m now allowed to sit instead of lay and that I can spend a little more time standing. I’m not supposed to be doing any physical activity (i.e. no cooking, cleaning, or Target trips) but if I want to stand up to straighten my hair or look at something in the nursery, I can. In another week I should have more restrictions lifted, and by 36 weeks I should be fully off of bed rest.

A baby born at 34 weeks has no greater risk of complication than a baby born at 37 weeks. She’d likely need a brief NICU stay, but chances are way in our favor that there would be no major issues.

It is amazing how far we have come. From the dire situation at 26 weeks to the idea now that she may make it to full term. 54 days ago I was told that baby girl’s best case scenario was to stay in until 34 weeks. Now, it’s just 8 hours away. I think I’ll celebrate tomorrow with a 20 minute shower!


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