Laundry Bonanza

We’ve totally been hit by the nesting bug. And I say “we” because I think Lance is feeling it as much, if not more, than I am. He has been a man on a mission this week working to get things done.

After our wonderful baby shower, there were tons of things to go through. I laid on the floor while he sorted through gifts and attempted to organize. We made a little bin for all of the baby medical supplies, sorted clothing, and tried to find places to store all of the gear. Lance installed the car seat base with his stepdad’s help and assembled the stroller.

Then, this weekend, the real fun began. The laundry bonanza.

I had no idea just how much laundry we had in store until we started making piles. It’s not just the clothes, but we had sheets, changing pad covers, baby carriers, and blankets to wash. In addition, since we are cloth diapering, we figured we’d go ahead and get those washed and ready as well.

Being ridiculous first time parents, we went through every label and separated things into wash warm and wash cold piles. We found that all of the clothing with the exception of the gerber onesies said to wash cold. I think in the future we’ll wash all clothing cold so that we don’t have to try and remember to wash one brand at a different setting. Five loads later and it was all finished and ready to be put into drawers and hung in the closet.

Yesterday, we started on the cloth diapers. They are a little more complicated to wash. Each cycle will be a cold pre-rinse, followed by a hot wash with a tablespoon of our new Charlie’s Soap, and then an extra rinse on cold. Then the covers are hung to dry on a drying rack while the inserts can tumble dry on low in the dryer.

I’m thankful that we had the long weekend to get all of this done, and I’m getting incredibly excited to start my modified bed rest on Wednesday! I know I still won’t be able to do everything that I want, but it’s one step closer to fully coming off of bed rest and meeting our baby girl!


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