Thanksgiving in Review

It has been quite the week. We’re home alone for the first time in 9 days, and really enjoying the extended time off of work. I can’t even remember the last time I was home for a long holiday weekend, since we usually like to travel around holidays.

But we were thankful this year to have the baby shower, and all of the visitors that came to town last weekend, followed by an extended stay with my mom and stepdad and Lance’s mom and stepdad. Lance enjoyed having others prepare meals and clean for the week, and I enjoyed having some semblance of a “normal” Thanksgiving. Even if our dinner arrangement looked like this…

Yes, the kitchen table was brought into the living room and I propped myself up on the couch. I even put on clothing, straightened my hair, and wore makeup for the second time in a week! Dinner was yummy. We had a turkey that was brined the day before, sweet potato casserole, green beans, corn bread, cranberry sauce, and apple pie for dessert.

Black Friday was all about taking advantage of having our parents around to help with some household chores and errands that had been put off since they were difficult for Lance to do alone. The stepdads helped Lance with some raking and cutting down bushes that we’d been wanting to clear back for the past few months. They also made a trip  with him to our storage unit to retrieve another nightstand for our bedroom. Lance appeased me by re-arranging our bedroom after I’d been complaining that it’d be hard for me to get to baby from my side of the bed. So we shifted the whole bedroom around and retrieved my old nightstand from storage now that I actually have room to have one. Amazing how little things such as having a nightstand and space to easily get out of bed pretty much made my day!

We’d also received a letter from our HOA saying that it was time to paint our mailbox post. Ugh. So more time than should have been necessary was spent sanding down and putting three coats of paint on the mailbox post, and the men made a trip to Lowe’s to pick up a new mailbox to top things off.

Finally, we decided to go ahead and install the car seat base while Lance had someone to help him out. Crazy to think that we’re getting to that time where we need to really get everything prepped for baby girl’s arrival. Next up, mass amounts of laundry and packing my hospital bag! The long weekend is serving as the perfect opportunity to catch up on all that needs to be done, and is helping my countdown to 34 weeks go faster.



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