Showered with love!

We did it! Baby girl and I made it through her baby shower! Once I was told that I would be put on bed rest over six weeks ago, I thought that there was no way to have a baby shower. Invitations had been prepared to go out for a shower in Philly over Thanksgiving weekend, but it was immediately clear that couldn’t happen. So my mom, my best friend Jen, and one of my North Carolina friends, Bethany, tried to figure out the best way to give me a shower while I laid on bed rest. And I’ll be honest, as excited as I was for this new possibility, I was terrified that we were jinxing things and that I was destined to go into labor days before. But, amazingly, Saturday came and went and all we experienced was the joy of being surrounded by friends of family, some of which traveled a great distance, to celebrate baby girl’s impending arrival.

Bethany made this beautiful diaper cake!

Jen made baby cupcakes and her amazing cake cookies as favors!

Lots of yummy food!

A close-up of Jen’s cupcake creations. Varying hair-dos, edible eyes, and tiny plastic pacifiers on strawberry cupcakes with skin colored frosting.

The shower itself was so much fun. We played the game where various baby items are bagged and you have to use your sense of touch to figure out what they are. I had a 5/10 (yikes!) and my friend Courtney won by being the only person to score a 10/10. Most impressive part? She doesn’t even have kids.

Guessing baby items

Lance’s mom thinking hard

Jess and Alex trying their best to win

There was also a headband station where everyone could make a cute little headband for baby girl.

DIY Headband Station

Headband station supplies ready to go

finished headbands

Last, it was time to open presents. We are so thankful for all of the amazing and thoughtful gifts. We have the best friends and family! The living room was so packed with people and presents that we couldn’t even get a picture showing it all.

Opening presents!

We had friends and family come from Boston, New York, DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia Beach – making for a really special weekend that won’t soon be forgotten. I’ll finish up with a few more of my favorite pictures.

Mom and I

My stepmother Beth and my stepsisters Mandy and Lindsay each flew in just for the shower

My cousin Alex came in from New York and Jen co-hosted and came in from DC

Lance’s mom and stepdad

Me, Bethany, and the diaper cake

Lots of little outfits for baby girl

Jen and I

Lance and I are so lucky to have the best friends and family a couple could ask for


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