5 weeks at home

Today marks five days since we returned home from the hospital to begin our new normal. We’ve settled into a good routine, and mostly, it feels as if time has flown by. When we first began this bed rest journey, it was absolutely terrifying. I was only 26.5 weeks, and outcomes at that point for preemies are full of scary question marks. Not only was it hard to deal with bed rest, but I also had the constant fear of baby girl coming too soon. Now, five weeks later, we’ve adapted to this way of living and with each passing day, I feel more confident that we’ll make it to 34 weeks.

I won’t lie. At some moments it is extremely frustrating. I’d love to be able to go for a walk around the lake or run my own errands. Poor Lance has made two separate trips to Michael’s for me, where I imagine he is the only male in the store. Today I gave in and showered for consecutive days for the first time. My legs were killing me and I thought maybe the heat would help (it did).

Five weeks into bed rest, and the countdown to 34 weeks and modified bed rest has begun. 17 days to go! I think that a week of visitors and the Thanksgiving holiday will certainly help it go fast.


I’m excited about the prospect of continuing to watch my belly grow and baby girl continuing to pack on the pounds. I’m grateful for each extra day that she has stayed put, but hoping she’ll continue to hang tight for at least a little while longer!


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