30 weeks (!)

Wow, this seems like a big one. Now the countdown to her due date goes to the single digit weeks. My doctor’s next goal is only 2 weeks away, and the “best case scenario” is 4 weeks away. Craziness.

Size of Baby: Baby girl is now the size of a head of cabbage. She should be a little over 3 lbs and around 17 inches or so. At this point, she’ll mainly jut be packing on pounds as we head towards her due date.

Weight: No weight update until my appointment next week, but I’ve continued to drink my big glass of 2% milk daily.

Sleep: Sleep has really varied day to day. I’m definitely having more trouble falling asleep as I struggle to get comfortable. My belly is starting to feel heavy, but hopefully that is just her gaining some weight!

Best Moment of the Week: Making some nursery progress thanks to my mom and stepdad’s visit. We now have a crib skirt and a mobile, and as soon as the mobile is in place, I’ll try and take some pictures. Hard to get pictures when I’m not supposed to be up and about, but I’ll probably supervise the install while laying on the nursery floor :-).

Movement: She is still very active at bed time. Last night when we went to bed I spooned Lance for a while, and he was actually able to feel her hiccuping and kicking against his back. Loved being able to share that.

Symptoms: For the first time in my life, I’m really starting to understand heartburn. It is not fun. I mostly get it in the evenings. Heartburn is a common third trimester symptom, and even more likely for women like me who are stuck horizontal all day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I may have gotten just a wee bit excited over an email I received on Monday. It was an email from my local Chick Fil A announcing that their peppermint chocolate shake is coming out this  coming Monday. I pretty much never have milk shakes, but last year I had two of those babies and wow were they awesome. Lance is already on alert to make sure I have one in hand on Monday.

Belly Button: I keep thinking it is about to pop, but nope…

What I Miss: Today doesn’t even feel like Halloween since I haven’t left the house in a week. I just miss feeling like a member of the world at large.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Heat. Yeah, we have been living without heat for the past 3 days, which really stinks given that lows have been in the 30s for the past 2 nights and will continue that way all week. We were hoping that the broken heater was a quick and easy fix, but got the crappy word today that we need to replace the unit. To the tune of $4200. And they can’t do it until Friday, so another two nights with no heat. We’re not happy about this unexpected expense, but we’re trying to stay positive and know that it will help us with resale when the time comes to move.



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