Craftiness in Progress

What do you do to pass the time at the start of your fourth week of bed rest? Crafts.

At least thats what I’m leaning on as I try to not just become a television zombie. With my mom’s visit I decided to enlist her assistance. So while she wasn’t cooking a brisket, chicken, or lasagna, she helped me finish up the crib skirt that I’d been dying to work on since the fabric arrived last week.

We are making the easiest crib skirt possible. It’s basically three hemmed rectangles (using heat n’ bond hem tape…not even a sewing machine) that will be attached to the mattress frame. But since I can’t get off the couch to iron, mom stepped in to accomplish this for us.

You’ll have to stay tuned for the “after” pictures since we haven’t actually installed the crib skirt yet.

With Lance’s help, I’ve also been working on the butterfly mobile. We’ll be tackling the hot glue portion of the project during tomorrow’s NFL games. It has been a total pain thus far but I’m hoping the finished product is worth the effort!

We had a really nice visit with my mom and stepdad, although I’m sure she’ll be sleeping in until noon tomorrow after a full two days on her feet cooking and cleaning here. But, we have a full freezer, a clean house, and a crib skirt ready to be attached, so the efforts are much appreciated.

I also must mention the visit on Thursday from my sweet friend Allison, who arrived with lunch, magazines, flowers, and the most evil (and by evil I mean sinfully delicious) baked concoction I’ve ever had.

Yes, it’s cookie dough, with a reeses cup on top, and then covered in brownie batter. Ridiculous. I guess everyone is trying to help baby girl (and me) gain weight. Here is the recipe if anyone else wants to experience the guiltiest feeling you can have while eating dessert.

Well, this post has been all over the place! With some good luck tomorrow we may have a finished butterfly mobile and another update.


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