My Hour in the Real World

13 days since I’d been outside.

20 days since I’d drive a car.

Even though it was only an hour, my field trip to the doctor’s office today was such a nice break! I was really nervous for this appointment, as I was scared that I’d find out that I was dilated or leaking fluid or something that would require me to go back to the hospital and cause that fear of imminent delivery. Luckily, that wasn’t the case!

I saw the same NP that I saw two weeks ago, and she was thankful that I didn’t puke on her this time (no blood draw = safe). She asked if I wanted a cervical length check and I quickly replied yes. Don’t think a trip into the office just to hear the heart beat and look at fundal height would have helped my nerves at all! So we headed into the ultrasound room and right away saw that baby girl is still breech. Amniotic fluid measured at 14 (I was told that is very good). Then it was time to see if my cervix was cooperating. While it was still funneling, the measurement was the same as 2 weeks ago (1.2 cm) and I’m still not dilated (yay!). These things would all be bad news for someone finding out for the first time, but since I’ve managed to hold steady for 3 weeks at these bad numbers, I’m grateful and hoping that I can go another few weeks without change.

When I finished up, I made my next two appointments and headed back outside for those brief seconds of glorious sunlight. Next appointment will be in 15 days (31 weeks 1 day) and if baby girl can hang tight, I’ll have one the day before Thanksgiving (33 weeks).

29 week post will be coming later today and will hopefully even contain a belly shot!


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