29 week

I pretty much jump (in my head) for joy every week baby girl stays in. Thankful to be able to write this post today!

29 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is now the size of a butternut squash. I didn’t get a size estimate at my appointment today, but we can guess she is approaching 3 lbs.

Weight: As was predicted, my weight is holding steady thanks to the bed rest. I was still +16 today. I’ve continued to drink my big glass of milk every day, so hopefully its just from muscle loss or less water retention and baby girl is growing as she should!

Sleep: Back to waking up three times a night and having some difficulty falling asleep, but it could definitely be worse.

Best Moment of the Week: Not getting bad news at today’s appointment feels like a win. Status quo is good at this point!

Movement: I think baby girl thinks my bladder is a trampoline. She kicks and squirms really low, which I was told is normal given her breech position. She is pretty active these days and I’m pretty sure I’m even feeling her occasional hiccups now!

Symptoms: All is good right now. I’m in the third trimester but feel as if I’m still in the second with the relatively small amount of discomfort I’m feeling.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Is it bad if a cookie and milk is one of the highlights of my day? I really find myself looking forward to it each night. I also craved a burger today for the first time after seeing it on tv…maybe it just looked yummy and it isn’t really a craving. I think I’m seeing an Only Burger in my near future.

Belly Button: Same as last week. Still in, but not all the way in.

What I Miss: I really want to nest. Baby girl’s room still needs a lot of work and I hate not being able to do it right now. My mom says she is going to help me make her crib skirt when she visits so that will hopefully be accomplished in the next few days.

What I Am Looking Forward To: My mom and stepdad will be visiting the next few days, and visitors are always great for making the days go by faster. Hoping that we can get a few nursery projects done while they are here. Maybe by next week I’ll even have a few nursery pictures.


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