How I’m Keeping Busy on Bed Rest

Amazingly, these first two weeks at home on bed rest have gone by somewhat fast. While I miss things like going outside, driving a car, and you know, normal life, I’ve managed to keep myself busy enough where the days are going pretty fast.

A few of the things that are keeping me busy:

Visitors – I’ve been lucky to have so many caring friends stop by. I’ve had friends bring me lunch and dinner and stay to eat with me. I’ve had friends stop by to chat. This weekend, my friend Bethany even came over to show me how to knit after hearing about my struggles from Lance.

Reading – I’ve made it through a few magazines, almost finished my first book, and have another book (thanks Jen!) ready to go.

Crafts – I traced and hand cut 66 butterflies for the mobile that I’m planning on making. As mentioned, I’ve also been practicing knitting and will soon attempt to make baby girl a little hat!

Work – During the day I’m continuing to work and keep up with office projects. Great for making 9-5 go fast.

Netflix – Thank you for streaming Netflix on the tv. I’m currently working my way though last season’s Private Practice. Suggestions are welcome for other winners.

Internet time – I feel bad for people that were on bed rest prior to laptops and internet. I can kill a lot of time browsing pinterest, reading about babies, and googling whatever else comes to my mind.

The hardest part so far has been staying physically comfortable. But, I’m thankful for how fast these first few weeks have gone and know that I’m ready to handle another 6+ if I’m lucky enough to make it that far.


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