28 weeks

Woo! We’ve reached the third trimester and my OB’s first goal for us! While 28 weeks isn’t really a “safe” stage, at this point the chances of long-term disabilities as a result of premature birth go down. 32 weeks is an even safer stage, which was why that is the OB’s second goal for us.

Size of Baby: Baby is now the size of a head of a chinese cabbage (I don’t know what this is) or an eggplant. At my appointment 6 days ago Baby R measured 2 lbs 6 oz, so the hope is she is getting closer to three pounds as we speak!

Weight: I’m still +16 as of my appointment last week. I was told that my weight will likely plateau as the weight that I gain from baby girl is balanced by the loss of muscle and less water retention. I read some study online that advocated 2% milk for third trimester fetal weight gain, so I’m drinking one large glass per day in hopes of bulking her up in case she comes early!

Sleep: I’m still sleeping really well. I have a little more trouble falling asleep at night but once I’m out, I’m out!

Best Moment of the Week: This setback and the resulting bed rest have really made me appreciate each and every day that I get to carry her. Being able to say that I’m in the third trimester feels pretty good at the current moment.

Movement: She’s still really active in there, and I’m especially feeling the kicks below my belly button. I’ve yet to experience the rib shots that so many others have described. Of course, I’m not complaining that she is breach since its less pressure on my cervix.

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling pretty good, although my appetite is definitely increasing. I feel hungry all the time! I’m still having occasional contractions or braxton hicks, but not every day and nothing like the frequency of the night I went into the hospital.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’m craving baked goods. I think it’s the glasses of milk I’m drinking. It feels lonely without baked goods to go with it :-).

Belly Button: In. Although for the very first time, I am adding to this item. My belly button is definitely rising! Guessing it’ll be out within a few weeks if I can make it that far.

What I Miss: This question is too obvious. Fresh air? Going to target? Cooking dinner? As much as I miss these things, I’d rather be stuck here on the couch with baby girl cooking inside of me than the alternative.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Continued nesting from the couch. The rocker for the nursery arrived today and while I haven’t sat in it yet, I have a nice view of it from where I lay. I’m in the middle of cutting butterflies for baby girl’s mobile, and I’m hoping my mom or Lance can help me make the crib skirt with the fabric I ordered and my guidance.


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