Survived week one

We’ve now made it through one week of home bed rest and our first goal of 28 weeks is within close reach!

The weekend went pretty fast. I watched college football most of Saturday and the NFL most of Sunday. At least sports are good for making time go by. Lance was able to stay home with me for much of the weekend and we enjoyed the quality time together. I’m already looking forward to some cuddle time tonight to watch last night’s episode of Homeland!

Yesterday I had a semi-surprise visit from my youngest cousin Ben who was passing through on his way back to Nashville from a trip to Charlottesville. We typically only get to see each other at Thanksgiving, and since I’ll be missing our normal Thanksgiving this year, it was nice to get to catch up.

But really, there is nothing exciting going on at the moment, which is a good thing! Baby girl seems to be content for now and I haven’t had any real contractions, just some occasional tightening (which is fine as long as it doesn’t become a patterned occurrence like the night I was admitted to the hospital).

I’ve added a craft project to my plans and will be working on hand cutting butterflies for this mobile that I found cruising the internet.

I sent Lance to Michael’s over the weekend where we played a fun game of him texting me pictures of scrapbook paper and me approving/disapproving them. In the end we found some that will hopefully work and maybe in a few weeks I’ll have a cute mobile like the one pictured above.

44 days left to our “best case scenario” of 34 weeks!


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