Ticking time bomb

That’s about how I feel right now. As if things will just go from status quo to me ending up back in the hospital in preterm labor at any given moment. Last night I had two contractions about 15 minutes apart. Luckily, there was nothing after that so not a big deal, but it really freaked me out. I hate having so little control over my body. All I can do is lay here, as close to flat as possible for as much of the day as possible, and hope that is enough to hold baby girl inside for a good while longer.

There was some good news today. I passed my glucose screening (ie I don’t have gestational diabetes and don’t have to get the three hour test!)! That was a big relief and I’m glad the results came back so fast.

Now it’s the weekend and I’m not sure what we are doing. Any suggestions for how to make the weekend fun when confined to the couch? Of course PSU has a bye week so I don’t get to watch my team!


2 thoughts on “Ticking time bomb

  1. I’m sure I would feel like a ticking time bomb too, but you’re on your way to 28 weeks and everything you are doing is working. So keep at it. If I was you I would def have a favourite movie day or even better a whole season of your fav series weekend. I love to rewatch Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version thats 6 hours long. If you want something more gripping, how about all of The Lord of the Rings or the Alien movies. And order in food from your favourite take-away for dinner. You may as well live it up while you can. When the baby comes you prob won’t be able to eat a whole meal from start to finish without an interruption for months ;-). The only other things I can think of are playing cards, or board games, or just invite some friends around and have a pyjama party! I hope you have fun and don’t worry too much over the weekend. E xxx

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