Day one at home

I’m now well into my first full day at home. Lance left this morning but was luckily home by 3. He is able to do some of his work from home so when he can he’ll come home early and then work…it’ll be helpful mentally any day that occurs.

My day was pretty boring, but went fast enough. I surfed the web, watched some tv, and did some work. We had my breakfast and lunch arranged so that I could grab both quickly, and other than that I limited my time up to bathroom trips. Lance got home and we relaxed a little before he made us dinner (salmon and rice.). Now we’re continuing to spend time on the couch together, with Titan joining us, as he does work and we watch the Cardinals game.

I called into the doctor’s office first thing this morning to schedule my ultrasound for Thursday. I’ll go in at 9:45 to check on my cervical length and will also get my glucola screening while I am in.

Trying to not get too far ahead of myself and take this all one day at a time…baby girl just needs to stay cozy and happy in there and not be in a rush to come out!


One thought on “Day one at home

  1. Hi, I’m really glad to hear you are home and both doing well. I hope everything stays as it is now and you make it as far as possible in your pregnancy. I’ll be thinking of you and awaiting your posts. Take care and hang in there. E xxx

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