Still in the hospital

As eventful as my first 24 hours in the hospital was, today has been extremely uneventful, which is a good thing. The doctor came in to visit around noon and let me know that even though I haven’t been having contractions, they want to keep my until either tomorrow or Monday to make sure the contractions don’t restart. She said she’d likely do a cervical check tomorrow and that they may decide to keep me until Monday so that I can get an ultrasound to see if my cervical length has changed.

Other than that brief visit from the doctor, today has been very quiet. They hooked me up to a monitor for about an hour this morning to make sure the little bit of tightening I was feeling wasn’t contractions (it wasn’t), but besides that, I haven’t been hooked up to anything all day. Lance has been with me and we’ve watched some football (great PSU win!) and had our “Grey’s date” catching up on the episode we missed Thursday.

I’m hoping things continue to stay dull and that I can get discharged either tomorrow or Monday and begin what will hopefully be many boring days of home bedrest. 11 days until our first goal of 28 weeks!


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