100 days

Unbelievable. All of a sudden we’re 100 days away from baby girl’s due date. When we first found out we were expecting (at 3 weeks 3 days…yeah I test early) the countdown was around 250. So the fact that tomorrow we’ll be in double digits seems pretty amazing. We’ll hit the 3 months to go point next week and I have a feeling that time is really going to begin to fly!

So to celebrate this little milestone, here’s a sneak peak at the newest addition to baby girl’s room.

It doesn’t look very exciting at the moment, but once we add a mattress, sheets, and a crib skirt (which I’m planning on DIYing) it’ll be ready to welcome our little girl!

The crib is the Jenny Lind and we purchased off of Amazon after reading tons of great reviews. I like that it feels a little more “classic” as I’m planning the rest of the nursery to feel pretty modern. We also went ahead and ordered the conversion kit which will turn it into a toddler bed in a few years.

As for the rest of the nursery, we’re at a bit of a standstill as we wait for the rocker to come in. We have a room layout planned but I want to wait until all of the “big” pieces are in place before I do any more decorating just to be sure everything fits as we think. The crib and dresser are already in place but we had to swap which walls they were on once we realized the spacing wasn’t quite right.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to search the web for inspiration and try to force myself to make a decision on a crib skirt fabric!


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