25 weeks

Size of Baby: She should be about the size of a rutabaga (I’ve never seen one…so I have no idea what this means) or an eggplant and should be weighing close to 1.5 lbs!

Weight: +16 as of last week. I’ll probably just start updating these as I visit the doctor.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well. She seems to be hitting my bladder more once again, so I’m back to two wake-ups a night. Since I wake up about 2-3 hours after I go to bed and then again 2-3 hours later, I’m convinced that she just wants me to practice for her arrival.

Best Moment of the Week: Arriving home from work today to find baby girl’s crib on the front step! Now we just need to get it into the house and set it up and things will really start seeming real.

Movement: We noticed some big visible kicks (or punches…still can’t tell the difference) yesterday below my belly button. She gets active after I eat and at bedtime. And if I ever worry about not feeling her, I can lay on my back for about 30 seconds before she’ll start kicking away telling me that I’m cutting off her blood supply.

Symptoms: Let’s make this the third straight week I’ve felt sick. This week it started yesterday and has gotten worse today. With a big work event this weekend I’m really hoping it is another 24 hour bug and it quickly passes. I got sent out to run errands for the office this afternoon because I think everyone is scared of catching this from me. Other than that, I’m not feeling too many pregnancy symptoms other than an increasingly noticeable belly. I had my dentist appointment the other day and even got a clean bill there (pregnancy can make your gums more sensitive and make you more prone to problems…but they thought everything looked great).

Food Cravings/Aversions: Yeah, those pumpkin muffins I mentioned last week have really hit the spot. I always love baking with pumpkin and these have been a really tasty treat. Still no real cravings though and luckily no aversions either!

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: These weekly colds/sinus flare-ups are getting old quick. I’d like to go back to how perfect I felt a month ago!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Continuing to enjoy fall. I love football and pumpkins and mums and the change in temperature.

ps – Was planning on uploading a 25 week picture today, but I feel/look like crap…so I’ll make a special post with it tomorrow!


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