23 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby girl is about a foot long and should be around one pound by now! Per my pregnancy apps, this is the time where she starts adding fat since all of the important organs have been developed. In the next month she will double in weight. The fruit comparisons are getting a little more confusing now, but she is the size of a large mango (i guess in weight? clearly not in length!) or a papaya!

Weight: I took an “unofficial” step on the scale today so that I’d finally have something new to add here and I was +16. I think that is the upper end of the range but we’ll see what the doc says on Monday.

Sleep: Nothing new here. Still sleeping well.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to spend some quality time with my PSU friends Jen and Casey and their 18-month old boy. We met early Saturday morning in Charlottesville for the PSU-UVA football game.

Jen and I

Tara and I

After some tailgating for the men, we made the long walk to the stadium and enjoyed the game (minus the ending). I also got to see one of my old hockey teammates who happens to live in Charlottesville. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner and some hanging out time at the hotel before I collapsed at 10. My, how things have changed since college! The next morning Lance and I went to Carter’s Orchards (as recommended by my grad school friend Allison) and picked apples. The picture-perfect weather and fresh mountain air really gave me one of those “life is good” moments.

Lance atop Carter’s Mountain

And as an added benefit, we made some fresh crock pot applesauce using this recipe with our pickings that is absolutely amazing!

Movement: I’ve started to notice that some of the movements are moving upwards. I can now feel her at or above my belly button, although I’m still also feeling so lower movement as well. I’m guessing one area is her feet kicking and the other is her hands punching.

Symptoms: Nothing new this week. Feeling pretty great and other than my growing belly, rarely feel all that pregnant.

Food Cravings/Aversions: The applesauce that we made is so good that I may start craving it. Fine by me as I’m sure that there are worse things for me!

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Nothing like a college football game to remind you of the old days. I can’t believe that it has been 8 years since I graduated. As much as I miss getting to see my friends all the time, I’m thankful that we still manage to see each other as often as possible. What I don’t miss: the hangovers.

What I Am Looking Forward To: My dad and stepmom come to visit this weekend and this is the first time they’ll be able to “see” that i’m pregnant!


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