Baby R is a….

Yesterday was quite the day. Our anatomy scan appointment was scheduled for 7:30 am. I figured that I wouldn’t sleep very well the night before, but I actually slept o.k. When the alarm went off at 6:30 I jumped out of bed, forced some breakfast down (hard with butterflies) and we were on our way. Luckily, the ultrasound tech called us back right at 7:30. She seemed very experienced and was great about explaining what she was looking at. She immediately showed us the heart beating, and since Baby R was giving us a good view of the heart, she went right into exploring the heart and taking pictures. She pointed out the four chambers, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t remember, saying that all in the heart looked very good. After almost 10 minutes on the heart, she realized Baby R was in a good position to check the gender/measure the femurs. As soon as we saw the potty shot, both Lance and I knew that Baby R was a GIRL!

nothing between the legs = GIRL!

It was so obvious that we could tell before she even said it. After seeing a nice looking heart and learning the gender, I really relaxed and was able to enjoy the rest of the ultrasound. She measured the brain, checked out fingers and toes, and looked at the kidneys. The tech also explained that at least one kidney was working because Baby R’s bladder went from full to empty during the course of the exam.

legs curled up

showing us her fingers!

a little foot

Next the tech moved on to check the placenta and the cord. We were relieved to find a three vessel cord and a nice connection into the placenta. My fibroids were measured and while each one had grown about a centimeter (4x4x4 cm now!), they are away from the placenta and cervix and should cause no harm. Baby R then started flipping over so that she was face down. Luckily, we had already gotten most of the needed measurements.

face down

We even got some cool 4-D shots.

playing coy i.e. “talk to the hand”

cord in front of the face

just chillin’

All in all, it was a very memorable day. I am so excited about being able to refer to Baby R as a “she” and after a totally clean scan (the doctor talked to us for less than a minute…always a good sign!), I feel positive that we will be meeting our little girl in 5 short months.

All of this good news was also enough for us to let everyone know that we are expecting. We had a ton of fun creating a gender reveal video that we emailed to our families and posted on facebook, and it feels great to let our friends and family share in our excitement.


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