Gender Guessing Games

Most who know me know I’m not the most patient person. I think I’ve been handling the six weeks between these ultrasounds fairly well though. Amazingly, despite almost no travel and a slow few weeks at work, I haven’t gone crazy waiting to see Baby R again. It definitely helps to have the doppler, so that I can check and make sure that little heart is still beating away, but I’m definitely anxious for this appointment. Mostly because I know a clean anatomy scan is a very good sign that things are going to continue to go well with this pregnancy, but also because I am eager to find out the gender!

Over the past few months I’ve learned about all of the old wives tales that “predict” gender. In my opinion, they’re all accurate 50% of the time, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play along. So for your reading pleasure, my “results” for each myth.

Heart Rate – The old wives tale is that a heart beat above 150 means a girl, and a heart beat below 150 means a boy. Baby R has never read below 150, so this would indicate GIRL.

Morning Sickness – They say that the sicker you are, the more likely it is a girl. Since I was still vomiting at 14.5 weeks, this would indicate GIRL.

Baking Soda Test – This is probably the most half baked of all of them, but basically you pee on a teaspoon of baking soda and if it fizzes up, it’s a boy. If it does nothing it is a girl. Apparently this is testing whether your urine is acidic or alkaline, although Lance says that could just depend on what you recently drank. I had zero fizz, so once again that indicates GIRL.

Belly – I just learned about this one this week. If your belly is growing all over the place, that indicates girl, whereas if it’s more just like a basketball sticking out, that indicates boy. Obviously my belly is still growing, but for now, it’s definitely growing in multiple directions, indicating GIRL. See for yourself.


Nub Theory – To test this, you need to get the perfect shot at your 12 week ultrasound. Our shot was almost perfect. You can clearly see a nub, but Baby R’s spine is arched which makes it tough to tell.


They say that if the nub is parallel to the spine or pointing downward, it’s a girl, and if it’s pointed upwards it’s a boy. As I mentioned, this picture isn’t ideal because of the angle of Baby R’s spine, but this is the one test where I’d lean towards BOY.

So there you have it, and now you know how I’ve been passing the past 5.5 weeks anxiously waiting for our next appointment. So what are your guesses? Is Baby R a boy or girl?


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