21 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby girl is 10.5 inches long and 3/4 of a pound. She’s as big as a banana!

Weight: My bump is finally starting to become more noticeable.

Sleep: I love vacation. It was so nice to get some good, uninterrupted sleep while we were gone.

Best Moment of the Week: Five days vacation makes any week good. We had a blast in Savannah and Hilton Head. Some sightseeing, really good food, and a lot of relaxation time (enough for me to finish an entire book in 3 days). It’s back to work tomorrow, but at least we had a nice little getaway together.


Movement: Baby girl is starting to have more predictable movements. I feel them in the morning and then again in the evening. I can’t distinguish the differences between what is a kick and what is a roll, but it’s really nice to feel the more consistent movement to know that things are ok.

Symptoms: I had a really tough two day stretch during our trip where I was in a lot of pain. At first we had no idea what it was but by the end we were both assuming the pain was related to my fibroid. There was a constant pain on my lower left abdomen plus some additional really sharp pains in the same area. I had a similar episode a while back and luckily this went away after about 48 hours. I’d been told by my doctor that I could have 2-3 “painful” episodes from the fibroid, so let’s hope that now I’ve had 2, I’m done!

Food Cravings/Aversions: We ate well on vacation! I have to say, having real ice cream at Leopold’s in Savannah was amazing. It was so good and so rich that I even had trouble finishing a small despite Lance’s assistance.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: I think I’m officially done being able to wear non-maternity clothes. It’s just not worth being uncomfortable!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Football season is just about here! My two alma maters play each other on Saturday, and while I’ll be rooting for PSU, it’s great to have my favorite sport back. Plus, a week from Saturday we head to Charlottesville to meet up with my friends Jen and Casey and to watch the PSU-UVA game.


20 weeks (i.e. halfway!)

Size of Baby: Baby girl is as big as a cantaloupe or banana! Those seem very different to me but she is definitely growing.

Weight: Is it bad if I’ve given up weighing at home?

Sleep: Still in a good sleeping spot and trying to appreciate every minute of it.

Best Moment of the Week: Putting the first pieces of pink into baby girl’s room. We are now in possession of two newborn girl outfits, one purchased by me and the other by my mom when she visited. I’ve also been working on painting some unfinished bookshelves hot pink. Since the nursery is still serving as an office at the moment, having these first baby possessions makes everything seem so much more real.


Movement: Just today, I’ve noticed stronger movements. They still aren’t all that often, but they are more defined and I now know for sure that they are baby. Lance was even finally able to feel his first kick tonight. The grin that spread across his face as he felt it was amazing, and also helped me gain confidence that these aren’t just gas bubbles.

Symptoms: I’m still feeling awesome. No nausea, increased energy, no nosebleeds. I’m starting to get to the point where my back hurts after about 20 minutes of exercise, so I’m trying to increase the frequency of my workouts but lessen the duration.

Food Cravings/Aversions: This area also continues to be easy. I feel like I’ve been eating a ton of carbs so I’m trying to make sure my meals are a little more diverse.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Watching people run at the gym has made me long for a good hard sweat. I’m being extremely cautious with exercise as I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize baby’s health, but I’m looking forward to a good hard run sometime in March!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Our upcoming mini-vacation to Savannah and Hilton Head. A few days of some R&R and visiting locations we’ve never been to sounds like a nice halfway-there treat!


19 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a mango. Our little girl measures about six inches long and weights almost half a pound.

Weight: +11 at the doctor today. It seems like a ton to me but supposedly it is right on target.

Sleep: I fall asleep fine, which is all I really care about. I know this will get worse but I’m hoping to sleep well for as long as possible.

Best Moment of the Week: Spending 45 minutes watching our little girl (and of course learning that she was a girl!) at our ultrasound last week was incredible. Watching her tumble around, swat at her cord, and wave at us was amazing. Even better was the great news from the doctor that everything looks perfect. The amount of relief that we felt at that moment is hard to describe!

Movement: Not many changes here. I still thinking I’m feeling inconsistent little kicks. Last night as I was going to bed, I excitedly told Lance that baby was kicking and put his hand on my tummy. He pointed out that since the motion was completely rhythmic it was my uterine artery and my own pulse. Oops. Guess he is still a while away from being able to feel her move!

Symptoms: These past few weeks have been amazing. I’m feeling great and sometimes don’t even feel pregnant.

Food Cravings/Aversions: No new cravings or aversions to report. This really has been an uneventful week!

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Fitting into my clothes. I’ve officially moved into maternity pants (thanks Kate!) and am starting to run out of my own shirts that I fit into. I can still fit into some of my own tops, but they are less and less comfortable.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Consistent movement and Lance finally feeling baby girl. Buying our first little girl outfit so that our empty closet feels like our future daughter’s.

And to close things out this week, another look at my growing belly.

Baby R is a….

Yesterday was quite the day. Our anatomy scan appointment was scheduled for 7:30 am. I figured that I wouldn’t sleep very well the night before, but I actually slept o.k. When the alarm went off at 6:30 I jumped out of bed, forced some breakfast down (hard with butterflies) and we were on our way. Luckily, the ultrasound tech called us back right at 7:30. She seemed very experienced and was great about explaining what she was looking at. She immediately showed us the heart beating, and since Baby R was giving us a good view of the heart, she went right into exploring the heart and taking pictures. She pointed out the four chambers, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t remember, saying that all in the heart looked very good. After almost 10 minutes on the heart, she realized Baby R was in a good position to check the gender/measure the femurs. As soon as we saw the potty shot, both Lance and I knew that Baby R was a GIRL!

nothing between the legs = GIRL!

It was so obvious that we could tell before she even said it. After seeing a nice looking heart and learning the gender, I really relaxed and was able to enjoy the rest of the ultrasound. She measured the brain, checked out fingers and toes, and looked at the kidneys. The tech also explained that at least one kidney was working because Baby R’s bladder went from full to empty during the course of the exam.

legs curled up

showing us her fingers!

a little foot

Next the tech moved on to check the placenta and the cord. We were relieved to find a three vessel cord and a nice connection into the placenta. My fibroids were measured and while each one had grown about a centimeter (4x4x4 cm now!), they are away from the placenta and cervix and should cause no harm. Baby R then started flipping over so that she was face down. Luckily, we had already gotten most of the needed measurements.

face down

We even got some cool 4-D shots.

playing coy i.e. “talk to the hand”

cord in front of the face

just chillin’

All in all, it was a very memorable day. I am so excited about being able to refer to Baby R as a “she” and after a totally clean scan (the doctor talked to us for less than a minute…always a good sign!), I feel positive that we will be meeting our little girl in 5 short months.

All of this good news was also enough for us to let everyone know that we are expecting. We had a ton of fun creating a gender reveal video that we emailed to our families and posted on facebook, and it feels great to let our friends and family share in our excitement.

18 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a bell pepper or a sweet potato. We’re also getting into some measurements I can really understand now. Baby R is 5.5 inches long and weighs 5-7 ounces. That’s almost half a pound!

Weight: I’m +10 on the home scale. Probably a little too high, although the weights tend to be lower at the doctor’s office. The crazy thing is I’m not really eating much more, so I’d guess part of the gain (if it isn’t all direct baby relation) is from burning way fewer calories from exercise.

Sleep: I’d been on a streak of only waking up once a night that was busted with a 3-timer last night. Should not have chugged 20 oz of water at 10 pm.

Best Moment of the Week: Today’s mini-milestone of 18 weeks. I think because I’ve been counting the days to 18 weeks for so long due to the anatomy scan. I hope that the best moment is eclipsed by fantastic news tomorrow.

Movement: I’m pretty sure that what I’m feeling is baby movement. I’ve noticed it seems to increase when I lean forward. Still nothing super regular or definitive, but I’m at the point where I’m pretty confident Baby R is kicking and punching away!

Symptoms: Newest super noticeable symptom- extreme thirst. I have started craving water late at night which is tough because I obviously don’t want to be waking up all night. Other than that, just some fatigue and an occasionally achy back.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still haven’t had too many cravings. Occasionally I have trouble eating chicken, it just depends how chickeny it tastes.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Steady sleep. I’ve had butterflies for the past two nights (its like my body thinks the big appointment is happening when I wake up) which have had me waking up several times throughout the night.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Hoping more than anything for news of a healthy baby tomorrow morning, and if we are lucky, learning that we can begin to refer to Baby R as “he” or “she”. If that all goes well, looking forward to revealing the gender to all of you tomorrow evening!

Gender Guessing Games

Most who know me know I’m not the most patient person. I think I’ve been handling the six weeks between these ultrasounds fairly well though. Amazingly, despite almost no travel and a slow few weeks at work, I haven’t gone crazy waiting to see Baby R again. It definitely helps to have the doppler, so that I can check and make sure that little heart is still beating away, but I’m definitely anxious for this appointment. Mostly because I know a clean anatomy scan is a very good sign that things are going to continue to go well with this pregnancy, but also because I am eager to find out the gender!

Over the past few months I’ve learned about all of the old wives tales that “predict” gender. In my opinion, they’re all accurate 50% of the time, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play along. So for your reading pleasure, my “results” for each myth.

Heart Rate – The old wives tale is that a heart beat above 150 means a girl, and a heart beat below 150 means a boy. Baby R has never read below 150, so this would indicate GIRL.

Morning Sickness – They say that the sicker you are, the more likely it is a girl. Since I was still vomiting at 14.5 weeks, this would indicate GIRL.

Baking Soda Test – This is probably the most half baked of all of them, but basically you pee on a teaspoon of baking soda and if it fizzes up, it’s a boy. If it does nothing it is a girl. Apparently this is testing whether your urine is acidic or alkaline, although Lance says that could just depend on what you recently drank. I had zero fizz, so once again that indicates GIRL.

Belly – I just learned about this one this week. If your belly is growing all over the place, that indicates girl, whereas if it’s more just like a basketball sticking out, that indicates boy. Obviously my belly is still growing, but for now, it’s definitely growing in multiple directions, indicating GIRL. See for yourself.


Nub Theory – To test this, you need to get the perfect shot at your 12 week ultrasound. Our shot was almost perfect. You can clearly see a nub, but Baby R’s spine is arched which makes it tough to tell.


They say that if the nub is parallel to the spine or pointing downward, it’s a girl, and if it’s pointed upwards it’s a boy. As I mentioned, this picture isn’t ideal because of the angle of Baby R’s spine, but this is the one test where I’d lean towards BOY.

So there you have it, and now you know how I’ve been passing the past 5.5 weeks anxiously waiting for our next appointment. So what are your guesses? Is Baby R a boy or girl?

17 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of an onion or a baked potato!

Weight: I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning and then don’t want to do it afterwards. I’ll remember one of these days.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. I’ve started to use the boppy pillow that my friend Jen gave me so that I’m not sleeping straight on my stomach. I position it so that I’m kind of sleeping on my stomach but with the pillow cushioning me. Seems to be working for now.

Best Moment of the Week: Nothing baby related…but I’ve shed quite a few tears over the Olympics so far. Kind of sad that my best moments of the week were watching others fulfill their dreams, but what can I say? I probably would have even cried at the gymnastics gold even if I wasn’t pregnant.

Movement: Still not feeling much in the way of movement. I’m feeling a very brief, occasional flutter. They are so brief and so occasional that I’m never actually sure that it is Baby R.

Symptoms: Like last week, I’m not feeling super pregnant. Main symptoms are emotions and fatigue (although the Olympics are not helping…I’ve been staying up too late!)

Food Cravings/Aversions: Not much in the way of cravings or aversions. Ate salmon and corn this week, both of which were hard to stomach in the first trimester. Next maybe I’ll try to add back my other favorite veggie, asparagus.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Soft cheese. I was sooo tempted to have some brie at a party last week, but I wouldn’t let myself take the chance. I think when Baby R arrives I will be feasting on sushi and brie :-).

What I Am Looking Forward To: Feeling more definitive movement and of course, the big anatomy scan in 8 days!!