Let the nesting begin…

With the start of the second trimester, I’ve been hit by the beginnings of the nesting bug. We’ve been talking for a while about the need to empty out the closet in our current office. The plan is to turn the office into the nursery, bring the dresser from the guest room into the nursery, and move the desk into the guest room. The closet in the future nursery, while only a single door, is actually a decent size. However, it is stuffed with miscellaneous items, including my suits, gowns, and wedding dress, office supplies, and a lot of random junk. Our plan was to clean out the other two closets in the house (coat closet and guest room closet) and organize the garage to make more storage space in there.

We began yesterday with the garage organization. Apparently Lance hadn’t cleaned it since he moved in four years ago. The shop vac was a miracle worker though and it was clean in no time. We bought some clear plastic bins from target and were able to organize our painting supplies, tiling supplies, wall repair supplies, etc. Turning what was a jumble of random supplies into an organized system felt really good, and I think gives us a better chance at keeping clean! The other closets weren’t nearly as hard as we thought to organize. We moved the filing cabinet (which just has a bunch of old school papers) out of the guest room closet and into the garage, freeing up a ton of space. Amazingly, without about 5-6 hours of work we accomplished what I thought would take us all of July.


Garage organization progress

Organizing is definitely fun and feels really good when you are done.


We did it! Empty closet!

On a pregnancy note, I’ve started having some strange pains on my left side this week. We are guessing they are my fibroids getting angry as you can actually now feel the lumps on the left side of my uterus. I’m hoping its just pain that doesn’t matter and that it goes away in a few days. I’ll definitely be having a chat with the doctor about it though when I go in 10 days.




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