Nervous Nellie

It was a wonderful weekend. My dad visited and we installed a backsplash in our kitchen. So not only did I get to see him, but our remodeling is now finished! The other great thing about this busy weekend is it made the time until the NT scan go super fast. I’m now less that 48 hours away from our appointment at 8 am on Wednesday. I swear I am already feeling butterflies! I was having some odd pain last night (kind of a sharp pulling feeling) on my left side, so I checked Baby R with the doppler and found the heart beating away. Baby is definitely positioned on the right side of my uterus just as the pics from last week’s ultrasound showed.

The backsplash install was not nearly as terrifying as we thought it would be when my dad arrived Friday night and we started talking through things. While he has done backsplashes before, he has never used glass. We actually skipped the wet saw and relied entirely on glass nippers. It took some time to get used to it, but with a little practice they were pretty accurately cutting tile. The most time consuming part was measuring around the eight(!) outlets/light switches. This led to a lot of extra cutting but we still managed to get the whole project done with about 8 hours of work on Saturday and around 3-4 on Sunday. Not too shabby considering the final product.


Here is where we started on Saturday morning. We had a blank slate of drywall just begging to be covered with some pretty glass tile.


We began by making cuts. We worked in sections, measuring and cutting tile and then applying a section before moving on to the next area.


The process worked fairly smoothly. Luckily, we didn’t always have to cut tile and could sometimes just cut the mesh backing to be able to get the product we were looking for. The main tile cuts had to be made on the two straight edges at the ends, the two corners, and around the window.


Our crew of three was able to work quickly measuring, cutting, and applying tile on Saturday. It took about 8 hours to apply all of the tile which wasn’t too bad. This is definitely one of the more enjoyable DIY projects I’ve been able to do.


On Sunday we got to work grouting. We used a non-sanded warm gray grout and I love our choice. It looks so clean and modern and helps break up the white cabinets and white countertops. The grout work took about 3-4 hours on Sunday and was pretty much dry by last night. The last task is just replacing our white outlet plate covers with gray covers.


And with that, our renovations are complete! Everything else on my to-do list is just decorating and organizing (and purging…yes, a major purge is needed if we are going to add a baby to our household in 6 months!).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great before picture that I can find. So here is the best I have. We’re so happy with the finished product and can’t thank my dad enough for coming and lending his labor and expertise! Now…if only I can not totally freak out before our big appointment on Wednesday!







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