Kicks and wiggles!

This afternoon was our “reassurance” scan that the doctor scheduled for us last week. I was so happy that she knew this would help us, but sad that there was no way to schedule it where Lance could attend. Luckily, all was perfect! I was in and out quickly and got to see our little one wiggling around and kicking! It was absolutely amazing as we’ve never made it this far before. She measured the crown rump length which is now 1.8 inches (baby is measuring 11 weeks 2 days). She then checked the placenta and cervix and said that the placenta is intact and that my cervix is nice and long. She then measured the heart beat which was a strong 171 beats per minute. Overall, she said she saw no signs of pending miscarriage and that baby looks healthy! We ended up cancelling my 12 week appointment that was scheduled for next Monday and doing the labs today instead since she said all that appointment would be is a heart beat check on the doppler and peeing in a cup. So our next appointment will be the first trimester screen next Wednesday at the perinatal clinic and then I’ll have a 15 week appointment back at the doctor’s office.

So anyway, here are the pics from today!


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