Sicker at 10 weeks?

When I vomited Monday, I half attributed it to the enormous amount of stress and emotions that I’d been feeling over the days prior. But now, three days later, I think I can safely say that my morning sickness is just getting worse. The times of the day are the same, but the severity of how I feel is what is changing. Yesterday at lunch time I felt really ill, dry heaved a few times, and stopped myself. Today around 11:30, there was no escaping it. I’m not complaining…believe me I’m happy for the sign that my hormones are continuing to rise…I’m just surprised. For some reason I thought morning sickness peaked earlier than this so I was caught off guard. I’d honestly rather suffer through some sickness than feel the worry and dread that I felt over the weekend. For me, head in toilet > tears in bathtub.


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