10 weeks

Size of Baby: Kumquat, Prune (I can’t picture either of these…so I’m just picturing something bigger than a grape!)

Weight: It’s rising. I’m feeling a little thicker around the middle but nothing too noticeable. Hoping to stay under a 5 lb first trimester gain.

Sleep: I seem to need about 9 hours of sleep to feel ready to wake up. I’m still getting up 3-4 times a night to pee but I fall back asleep so quickly that I don’t think it has a big effect.

Best Moment of the Week: After spending the weekend thinking that Baby R had died, seeing that heart flickering away on the ultrasound Monday morning. At that moment we were three days passed when our first baby died, so we officially made it past a big milestone.

Movement: Definitely not feeling any movement yet. When we had the ultrasound Monday the doctor said she saw an arm move but when she turned the screen to show us we couldn’t see any movement. She left the ultrasound up for about 30 seconds to see if Baby R would move for us but no luck. Guess baby was asleep!

Symptoms: Is it normal for nausea to get worse at 9.5 weeks? I vomited for the first time Monday, and have just generally felt way sicker this week. For the most part, symptoms are staying consistent though…tired, have to pee every hour, and nauseous. Boobs are aching occasionally and I think still growing.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Salmon, which is one of my staple foods (we try to eat it every 1-2 weeks for the health benefits), was almost impossible to eat last night. I forced down a few bites and then hit my limit. Ended up eating pita and hummus and a peach instead. The peach was incredible. Carbs, fruit, and sweets are definitely making me happiest these days.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Being able to believe people when they say that brown spotting is nothing to worry about because it’s old blood. Even though the baby has been alive after three occurrences of brown spotting between the two pregnancies, it was bad news the one time which equals a freak out any time it starts.

What I Am Looking Forward To: After learning that Baby R was alive after the weekend spotting, I ordered a home doppler so that I wouldn’t have to call the doctor at the sight of blood. Now I should be able to check for baby’s heart beat at home, and only call in if I’m bleeding and can’t find the heart beat on my own. It should arrive today and I’m really hoping I can find the heart beat tonight!


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