North Carolina mountains

As previously mentioned, we spent the weekend in the North Carolina mountains for what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway. It wasn’t as relaxing as we would have liked due to the overwhelming fear that something was wrong with our baby, but it was still a nice trip and a great spot for only being three hours away.

We were able to do the short (0.4 mile) hike to the top of Grandfather Mountain which was awesome as I was able to see the great views from the summit without having to over exert myself.


There is a swinging bridge on top of the mountain that is a mile high. Luckily you can’t actually see down a mile, but the bridge does swing a bit (and it wasn’t even windy), which provides for a mini adrenaline rush.


The view of the swinging bridge from the short hike to the summit.

The Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis was a perfect home base. Our room was cozy yet luxurious (with a claw foot tub….swoon) and the breakfasts were phenomenal.

Next time we head out that way (when I’m not pregnant), we’d like to hike to the bottom of Linville Falls and do the summit hike at Grandfather (it has ladders and ropes and a view that goes all the way to Charlotte on a clear day). All in all, we would have enjoyed the trip much more had we been able to have the ultrasound Friday before we left, but I’m still glad we went. We discussed a yearly trip to the mountains is probably in our future as there is nothing like crisp mountain air to rejuvenate the soul.


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