We still have a heart beat!

So after spending the entire weekend coming to grips with the likely scenario that Baby R had died, we received some good news from the doctor this morning. Baby R is looking good, with a strong heart beat, my cervix is fully closed and there is no active bleeding that she could find. The doctor said that 20-30% of pregnant women have unexplained bleeding and she didn’t see anything on the internal ultrasound that concerned her. She could find no large cysts, no bleeds near the placenta, and the baby looked perfect. So we’ve now made it to our first milestone as we are three days past when our first baby died. I was literally a nervous wreck all weekend and broke down crying on multiple occasions. I ordered a fetal doppler today so that I can reassure myself without going to the doctor if any new spotting starts. The OB also offered an extra scan next week just to make sure things are still looking good. So for now, I can try and relax (try being the operative word), and keep all of my fingers and toes crossed that Baby R keeps right on growing.


2 thoughts on “We still have a heart beat!

  1. That’s great news! I’m so glad to hear that everything is ok. I know only too well how worrying it is to have some spotting, especially when you’ve had a miscarriage before. I’ll keep everything crossed that everything will go well. Take care, Eilis.

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