12 weeks (+ NT scan pics!)

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a plum

Weight: They didn’t weigh me at my appointment today but I don’t *feel* like I’ve gained any weight.

Sleep: Pretty much the same as it has been. Pretty exhausted by 10-10:30 and waking up 3 times a night to pee.

Best Moment of the Week: Today’s scan! Lance was able to hold my hand as we watched Baby R dance around the screen. There were so many kicks and wiggles…truly an amazing sight. Happy to report that the main measurement they look for, the nuchal translucency, was great. It was 1.6 and anything under 3.0 is normal! We celebrated our first anniversary on Thursday so slicing into that year old cake was a nice celebration of our first year as a married couple. I also can’t discount how great it was to finish the backsplash with my dad and Lance. DIY success always feels great.

Movement: Still occasional flutters where I have no idea whether to attribute them to gas or baby. At least we were able to see Baby R move all over the place!

Symptoms: My nausea is still going, although I’ve been able to avoid vomiting for the past few days. I took my last progesterone pill last night so that may help ease the nausea. I also had my first bloody nose over the weekend. I don’t think I have had a bloody nose in the past 10+ years!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Mmmmm carbs. We are going to attempt salmon again tonight and we’ll see how that goes.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Raw sushi. For our anniversary dinner we stuck to the cooked menu. Still tasty but not the same. I’ll happily trade 40 weeks of no raw fish for a healthy little one though!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Friday I am heading to Philadelphia to see family and friends. I get to see my friend Kate and her almost-3-month old, spend some time with my parents, drive up to visit my grandpa, and then go to my friend Amie’s baby shower. And then, one week from today….it’s the second trimester!!

hand to face

just hanging around

full-length shot

waving hi!


Nervous Nellie

It was a wonderful weekend. My dad visited and we installed a backsplash in our kitchen. So not only did I get to see him, but our remodeling is now finished! The other great thing about this busy weekend is it made the time until the NT scan go super fast. I’m now less that 48 hours away from our appointment at 8 am on Wednesday. I swear I am already feeling butterflies! I was having some odd pain last night (kind of a sharp pulling feeling) on my left side, so I checked Baby R with the doppler and found the heart beating away. Baby is definitely positioned on the right side of my uterus just as the pics from last week’s ultrasound showed.

The backsplash install was not nearly as terrifying as we thought it would be when my dad arrived Friday night and we started talking through things. While he has done backsplashes before, he has never used glass. We actually skipped the wet saw and relied entirely on glass nippers. It took some time to get used to it, but with a little practice they were pretty accurately cutting tile. The most time consuming part was measuring around the eight(!) outlets/light switches. This led to a lot of extra cutting but we still managed to get the whole project done with about 8 hours of work on Saturday and around 3-4 on Sunday. Not too shabby considering the final product.


Here is where we started on Saturday morning. We had a blank slate of drywall just begging to be covered with some pretty glass tile.


We began by making cuts. We worked in sections, measuring and cutting tile and then applying a section before moving on to the next area.


The process worked fairly smoothly. Luckily, we didn’t always have to cut tile and could sometimes just cut the mesh backing to be able to get the product we were looking for. The main tile cuts had to be made on the two straight edges at the ends, the two corners, and around the window.


Our crew of three was able to work quickly measuring, cutting, and applying tile on Saturday. It took about 8 hours to apply all of the tile which wasn’t too bad. This is definitely one of the more enjoyable DIY projects I’ve been able to do.


On Sunday we got to work grouting. We used a non-sanded warm gray grout and I love our choice. It looks so clean and modern and helps break up the white cabinets and white countertops. The grout work took about 3-4 hours on Sunday and was pretty much dry by last night. The last task is just replacing our white outlet plate covers with gray covers.


And with that, our renovations are complete! Everything else on my to-do list is just decorating and organizing (and purging…yes, a major purge is needed if we are going to add a baby to our household in 6 months!).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great before picture that I can find. So here is the best I have. We’re so happy with the finished product and can’t thank my dad enough for coming and lending his labor and expertise! Now…if only I can not totally freak out before our big appointment on Wednesday!






11 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a lime!

Weight: This is the first week I can really notice a little bump. I was up about 4 lbs at my appointment yesterday. The appointment was immediately following lunch so hopefully that is a little inflated. Still hoping to stay under a 5 lb gain in the first trimester. Two weeks to go!

Sleep: I’m generally ready for bed by 10-10:30. Lance has been staying up to watch the NBA Finals but I pass out! Still waking 3-4 times a night to pee.

Best Moment of the Week: Yesterday’s ultrasound and seeing Baby R move for the first time. Baby was all over and it was the coolest thing to watch. It definitely makes me feel more positive about this pregnancy and that maybe it’ll be normal.

Movement: I felt a little flutter in my abdomen yesterday. I know I can’t feel baby yet so not sure what it was. It was definitely what I’d picture a kick feeling like although as a first time mom I have no experience there. I did get to see Baby R kicking and moving arms yesterday on the ultrasound which was so cool.

Symptoms: My nausea has continued it’s rough streak. I’m starting to get really sick around 11-11:30 a.m. and vomiting some days. I didn’t vomit over the weekend when I was able to lay down at the rough times. I’m also feeling much sicker at night. My other symptoms have stayed the same for the most part.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still having issues with seafood although ironically I was really craving sushi over the weekend. Pasta/pizza has definitely been safest. My other main craving is fruit. I bought more peaches as they have been a really tasty snack.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Being able to go out with friends. I have been avoiding some social situations where I don’t want it to be totally obvious that I’m not drinking. We’ll probably spill the beans to our friends down here very soon if all goes well at our NT scan next week.

What I Am Looking Forward To: The big NT scan a week from today! They’ll check for any major abnormalities with Baby R and we should get to watch baby on the ultrasound for a while as they check around. Since Lance couldn’t go yesterday, I know he is really looking forward to seeing our growing baby on the ultrasound. Also, tomorrow is our anniversary and this weekend my dad visits. Should be fun and will help pass the time until our big appointment next week.

Kicks and wiggles!

This afternoon was our “reassurance” scan that the doctor scheduled for us last week. I was so happy that she knew this would help us, but sad that there was no way to schedule it where Lance could attend. Luckily, all was perfect! I was in and out quickly and got to see our little one wiggling around and kicking! It was absolutely amazing as we’ve never made it this far before. She measured the crown rump length which is now 1.8 inches (baby is measuring 11 weeks 2 days). She then checked the placenta and cervix and said that the placenta is intact and that my cervix is nice and long. She then measured the heart beat which was a strong 171 beats per minute. Overall, she said she saw no signs of pending miscarriage and that baby looks healthy! We ended up cancelling my 12 week appointment that was scheduled for next Monday and doing the labs today instead since she said all that appointment would be is a heart beat check on the doppler and peeing in a cup. So our next appointment will be the first trimester screen next Wednesday at the perinatal clinic and then I’ll have a 15 week appointment back at the doctor’s office.

So anyway, here are the pics from today!

Belly Photos

I’ve been hesitant to take another belly photo but since I’m starting to get a little curve in my abdomen, I figured I’d regret not doing this if all continues to go well with the pregnancy.

So here we go…10 weeks!


Sicker at 10 weeks?

When I vomited Monday, I half attributed it to the enormous amount of stress and emotions that I’d been feeling over the days prior. But now, three days later, I think I can safely say that my morning sickness is just getting worse. The times of the day are the same, but the severity of how I feel is what is changing. Yesterday at lunch time I felt really ill, dry heaved a few times, and stopped myself. Today around 11:30, there was no escaping it. I’m not complaining…believe me I’m happy for the sign that my hormones are continuing to rise…I’m just surprised. For some reason I thought morning sickness peaked earlier than this so I was caught off guard. I’d honestly rather suffer through some sickness than feel the worry and dread that I felt over the weekend. For me, head in toilet > tears in bathtub.

10 weeks

Size of Baby: Kumquat, Prune (I can’t picture either of these…so I’m just picturing something bigger than a grape!)

Weight: It’s rising. I’m feeling a little thicker around the middle but nothing too noticeable. Hoping to stay under a 5 lb first trimester gain.

Sleep: I seem to need about 9 hours of sleep to feel ready to wake up. I’m still getting up 3-4 times a night to pee but I fall back asleep so quickly that I don’t think it has a big effect.

Best Moment of the Week: After spending the weekend thinking that Baby R had died, seeing that heart flickering away on the ultrasound Monday morning. At that moment we were three days passed when our first baby died, so we officially made it past a big milestone.

Movement: Definitely not feeling any movement yet. When we had the ultrasound Monday the doctor said she saw an arm move but when she turned the screen to show us we couldn’t see any movement. She left the ultrasound up for about 30 seconds to see if Baby R would move for us but no luck. Guess baby was asleep!

Symptoms: Is it normal for nausea to get worse at 9.5 weeks? I vomited for the first time Monday, and have just generally felt way sicker this week. For the most part, symptoms are staying consistent though…tired, have to pee every hour, and nauseous. Boobs are aching occasionally and I think still growing.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Salmon, which is one of my staple foods (we try to eat it every 1-2 weeks for the health benefits), was almost impossible to eat last night. I forced down a few bites and then hit my limit. Ended up eating pita and hummus and a peach instead. The peach was incredible. Carbs, fruit, and sweets are definitely making me happiest these days.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Being able to believe people when they say that brown spotting is nothing to worry about because it’s old blood. Even though the baby has been alive after three occurrences of brown spotting between the two pregnancies, it was bad news the one time which equals a freak out any time it starts.

What I Am Looking Forward To: After learning that Baby R was alive after the weekend spotting, I ordered a home doppler so that I wouldn’t have to call the doctor at the sight of blood. Now I should be able to check for baby’s heart beat at home, and only call in if I’m bleeding and can’t find the heart beat on my own. It should arrive today and I’m really hoping I can find the heart beat tonight!