The Best Sound in the World

So I was a ball of nerves last night. Couldn’t fall asleep, and when I did and Titan did his normal middle of the night head shaking, I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep! Anyway, eventually I fell back asleep until it was time to get up for the appointment. I was so nervous as I arrived at the doctor’s office. I met with Connie, who is my good luck nurse practitioner (she has done my four successful ultrasounds). She immediately found Baby R and pointed out the heart beat with the abdominal ultrasound. She then even found the heart beat so that we could listen, and it was music to my ears at a nice, steady 171 beats per minute. After printing out a picture for us, we were on our way to meet with the other nurse practitioner to go over their packet of information. After she realized that we had just gone over the packet back in January, she didn’t review more than we asked for. We then went ahead and scheduled our next OB appointment and the NT Scan which is done at a different location. With our situation, she agreed to do the OB appointment at 11 weeks and the NT scan at 12 weeks, but then the earliest they could get us in for an OB appt. was at 11 weeks 5 days. Oh well. I’m happy to wait that long if it means I have no spotting. Plus, since we booked last minute (they wanted me to schedule the 12 weeks appointment back at 4 weeks but my superstition made me wait) we can’t see a doctor and have to see Connie again. That is fine with me as she hopefully continues to be our good luck charm. So with all of that said, here is Baby R at 8 weeks 1 day (measuring 8 weeks 2 days!).


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