Can I just go one week….

Without anything to cause major fear? So yesterday I started having some light cramping. I’m not very good at telling the difference between gas pain and cramping, so I ended up chalking it up to gas and stopped worrying about it. At bedtime, I wasn’t as nauseous as I’d been the past few nights. Then today, I wake up, and still don’t feel very nauseous. It was kind of there as I made my lunch but not as bad as it had been. And then as today has gone on, I didn’t get my normal 11 am nauseous period either. So now of course I’m just terrified. Lack of nausea combined with returned cramping is making me fear the worst. Logic tries to tell me that symptoms can come and go and that light cramping could just be from my uterus growing, but how can I not fear that my baby has died?


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