7 weeks

Size of Baby: Blueberry…somewhere around 1/2 an inch.

Weight: Feeling less bloated but not weighing myself. We’ll see what the dr says next week.

Sleep: I’ve progressed from waking up 1-2 times a night to 2-4. Last night’s thunderstorm didn’t help.

Best Moment of the Week: Every day that I don’t see blood or spotting I am thankful. Next best thing, finishing up Downton Abbey Season 2. I am addicted. Third best thing, my sushi dinner on Saturday. Don’t be alarmed, our favorite spot has a full list of non-raw rolls that totally satisfied my sushi urge!

Movement: Baby isn’t moving yet. I’m moving for some walks around the lake with Titan.

Symptoms: Nausea is here in full force now. I feel it when I wake up in the morning, then again late morning (when my stomach gets empty), then around 4 pm I start getting dizzy, and then close to bedtime I get pretty nauseous. So I get breaks from the  nausea but it makes appearances throughout the day. Other than that, nothing too strong. My boobs slightly ache occasionally and I’m still pretty tired all day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Mushrooms tasted horrible in my dinner the other night. Pasta is definitely the safest food right now.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Still missing my pregnancy innocence. I’m trying to stay positive but I’m still terrified of thinking everything is ok and then having the Dr. not be able to find the heartbeat.

What I Am Looking Forward To: 8 more days until we get to see Baby R on the ultrasound again. A relaxing weekend in Virginia Beach visiting Lance’s family and my college friends. A day off on Monday with some BBQ action.


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