It Can’t Hurt

So at my appointment on Tuesday I asked the nurse practitioner to check my progesterone even after seeing Baby R’s heart beating. From my friend who has been through two miscarriages, I know that progesterone is one of those things that is pretty easy to fix. Take a pill, deal with some side effects, and even people with naturally low levels can grow a baby. My friend’s success with her third pregnancy after starting the progesterone supplement made me think that I better ask to have mine checked. Since I’ve had early spotting twice (a sign of low progesterone) and I have a borderline short luteal phase (also a sign of low progesterone), and our baby died right around when the placenta takes over (progesterone is a key factor in placental development) I decided to be my own advocate and push for the test. The good thing was, I didn’t really have to push. The NP went ahead and prescribed me 200 mg a day of prometrium before I had my blood drawn and said to start it because “it couldn’t hurt”. She guessed that my levels were around a 21. Last night, I received an email of my lab results saying that my level was 13.9. The cover note said that a 13.9 was within the normal range but that I should take the supplement anyway. So before bed last night, I took my first dose of the meds. I slept horribly with a back ache and tired legs, but woke up feeling fine (just nauseous and tired). So please, let this progesterone be what I need to carry this baby to term. I’ll happily deal with being tired every day in exchange for the chance to hold a healthy baby in January!


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