Filling the gallery wall

While coming up with the layout and hanging the gallery wall was the tedious part, filling it with meaningful art has been fun! It is a compilation of pieces that we already owned combined with new art that I will be making. It isn’t a finished product yet, but here is what has been done so far.

I knew that I wanted a monogrammed R. After browsing pinterest for inspiration, I decided on my own creation. I purchased a wooden R from Michael’s, and painted it white.


I also picked up a simple canvas and some fabric from Michael’s.


After cutting the fabric so that I could upholster it to the canvas, I used my hot glue gun to attach it.


After a day of letting the letter R dry, I used the hot glue gun to attach it to the canvas. And voila…an easy and inexpensive monogram.

Everything else currently on the wall was already on hand.

There is a postcard bought in Paris, Lance’s wedding¬†boutonniere, which was hairsprayed and glued to a shadow box frame, a cute homemade silhouette of our puppy (well…6 year old dog…) Titan, and a letterpress pear print from Etsy that was a gift from me to Lance a few years back.

The other pieces in the gallery include our sapphire print from etsy purchased in memory of our lost pregnancy, a homemade “i love you this much” print, and a few pictures. I plan on working in some free temporary placeholders for the rest of the frames until I get the chance to finish things the way I’d like. I’m planning some map hearts for the 3 picture frame, something for my beloved hometown (Philadelphia) in one of the other frames, and maybe some Durham art for another. I love having meaningful art that brings a smile to my face when I look over at the wall!


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