Things to be thankful for

The past two days have been better for me emotionally. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was hitting that low on Wednesday and coming to terms with the fact that my grief is normal and it may not be going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe it’s the anticipation of being able to try again soon. No matter the reason for my improved outlook, there are a few exciting things that I am looking forward to.

1) We leave in less than a month for a week in St. John. After getting married there last summer, I felt like I just connected with the island. It’s relaxed pace and beautiful views will make it the perfect destination for us to relax.


2) I am also a month away from finishing my last grad school class before getting my Master’s degree. As great as it has been to be a part of the program, I’ll be happy to be finished with all of the work!

3) We are heading to Philadelphia next week to see my family and some friends. Even though I was just there in January, I love the opportunities to see everyone. These quarterly trips have been a necessity since I moved to North Carolina.

4) Our new kitchen counters are being installed on April 10th and we should be putting in an order for our new flooring in the next week or so. Thanks to Young House Love for the inspiration and the confidence to tell the woman at Lowes, who said “I haven’t sold a plain white solid surface countertop in five years” to shove it.

Counter inspiration courtesy of Young House Love

So there it is. No fewer than four things that have me jazzed. I’ll be working on reminding myself of the good things coming up when my emotions take a downturn.


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