Sooooo Slow

Today is six weeks since we found out our little one no longer had a heartbeat. Last Thursday, the Dr. had me come in to test my HCG levels. They came back at a 12. I went back in yesterday and it had only declined to a 9. They want me to go back in again next Monday, and I’ll continue to go back until HCG comes back at 0.

It’s so frustrating, because it seems until HCG is at 0 I can’t really move on…HCG is only found in pregnant women, so as long as it’s in my system, it’s a residual effect of the miscarriage.

I’m trying not to think about it, but it’s so hard. It doesn’t help that I now know I’ll have to be going in to get my blood drawn and playing the waiting game for results. We really want to start trying again, so our patience is thin (well, my patience is always pretty thin).



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